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Zero-Day Vulnerability in WordPress Easy WP SMTP Plugin Fixed

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Zero-Day WordPress Plugin Vulnerability


If you are in the process of creating your first website, like others, your first preference will be WordPress, and there is nothing wrong with it. There is a long list of reasons that authenticate why WordPress is one of the most sought-after website platforms across the world.

Some of them are – ease of use, preference by search engines, no HTML editing, built-in blog, provision of having multiple users, etc.


The term “zero day” comes from the fact that the vulnerability has yet to be fixed by security professionals.


Important To Note: When you hear about a new Zero Day in WordPress or a theme or plugin, you need to pay careful attention. Immediately check to see if there is a fix available.


However, on the flip side, as per tech experts, all websites on the internet are vulnerable to hacking attempts, and WordPress websites are no different

Some of the leading ones are the GDPR Compliance Plugin, Recent Backups Plugin, WordPress Database Backup Plugin and many more. Critical zero-day vulnerability in WordPress Easy WP SMTP plugin, is the new one to populate the list.