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CEO and investor. Father. Husband. 6x founder > 5x exit. Supporter of child & education-based businesses. Lover of animals & great coffee.Imparting education and training in information technology is my passion and my unwavering conviction and commitment with content curation helped me bring the current programs to students.I build software & communities and can help you with both. I founded @jnamic. I organize @BerlinHacknTell and @berlingtug. Member of @cbaseUX Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur w/ passion for making products that change the world. Skills include Node.JS/Express.JS/Socket.IO, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, MySQL/MongoDB, HTML/Jade/Handlebars, CSS3/Sass/Less/Stylus and more


Google Ads Disapproved Due To Malicious or Unwanted Software [FIXED]

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😯 Are your ads suspended due to malware in site? Is your google ads account suspended due to hacked website?☹️

Google Ads Disapproved Due To Malicious or Unwanted Software [FIXED]

☑️Reasons For #Suspended_AdWords Account
☑️Ads Rejected Due To Malicious or unwanted software – Causes
☑️How To Check For #Ads_disapproved_by_Adwords_due_to_malware?
☑️How To Fix Google AdWords Account Suspended issue?
☑️Request a review from Google On Suspended Ads – Use #Template [.DOC]
☑️HOW tO Contact #GoogleAdwords Team
☑️Tips for troubleshooting malware or unwanted software




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In this guide you will learn more about:

📒 What is ?
📒 How To Diagnose ?
📒 How To Check If Your Site Is A Victim Of Pharmaceutical Hack?
📒 How does WordPress Pharma hack works?
📒 How To WordPress Pharma Hack?
📒 Post Tips 


Real Estate Boom In Kenya 2018 – Is It Real?

1 min read

The real-estate sector of Kenya is diversified among three sections – people, geography, and property types where people include high, middle and lower sections of society, geography defines the area to be utilized for property developments and property types including retail, office, residential, Industrial and special properties mainly found in urban areas. [source:HayerOne] Read full post here

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WPHH On RooJoom

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#dell #drivers for #windows10

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