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CEO and investor. Father. Husband. 6x founder > 5x exit. Supporter of child & education-based businesses. Lover of animals & great coffee.Imparting education and training in information technology is my passion and my unwavering conviction and commitment with content curation helped me bring the current programs to students.I build software & communities and can help you with both. I founded @jnamic. I organize @BerlinHacknTell and @berlingtug. Member of @cbaseUX Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur w/ passion for making products that change the world. Skills include Node.JS/Express.JS/Socket.IO, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, MySQL/MongoDB, HTML/Jade/Handlebars, CSS3/Sass/Less/Stylus and more


Car Insurance Cover Kenya - Stats, Report - Datasets - OpenEI Datasets
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About - NEXT Car Insurance Kenya is a Comprehensive Car Insurance Product - developed and sold by InsureAfrika.


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is UK’s top supplier of and – 1 of -…, Energy


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